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  1. Team Leader of the Year

    As some of you may know, Marie, our Director of Operations, and I are members of Atticus Attorney.  Atticus is a national organization, serving only top law firms.  Its membership includes law firms…Read More

  2. How the Probate Process Works

    Following the death of a loved one, it can be very difficult to think about what legal steps need to be taken. While you should absolutely allow yourself time to grieve, it is a good idea to begin han…Read More

  3. Is Long-Term Care Insurance Right for Me?

    As the cost of nursing home care has risen over the decades, many people have struggled to find ways to prepare for expensive care at a period in their lives where their income may be limited. While l…Read More

  4. What is Medicaid Spend-Down?

    Medicaid can be an incredibly confusing program. From seemingly contradictory eligibility requirements to a variety of federal and state requirements, just knowing where to begin can be hard for anyon…Read More

  5. The Impetus Of Change

    In 2000, I was the owner of a small, general practice law firm in my hometown of Phoenix, New York. I was the father of four children, one of whom was born six weeks premature in October of 2000. Due …Read More

  6. Maiden Voyage

    Hello to all! (However many of you “all” might encompass.)  This is my initial attempt at blogging on a more personal level (not as much lawyer stuff).  I will endeavor to post in the first pers…Read More