Trying to protect your assets from creditors, lawsuits, nursing homes, and Medicaid can be a very difficult process. In order to ensure that your assets are adequately protected, you need a lawyer with years of experience in the field. Call the law firm of Safe Harbor Wills & Trusts in Watertown today to learn about the ways that a properly implemented trust can help your assets stay where they should — with you and your family. Our blog is full of useful information about asset protection, so please feel free to check out some of the entries and then give us a call to schedule an appointment.

  1. Business distancing

    What a whirlwind the last 2-4 weeks have been.  It is hard to believe that I was in Florida for a conference and some family time with my parents just a bit over 1 month ago.  We knew about Covid19,…Read More

  2. How Do I Plan For Long-Term Care?

    Deciding that you need long-term care can be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. If you haven’t prepared for the possibility of long-term care before you need it, it can be even …Read More

  3. Three Great Reasons to Protect Your Assets

    Thinking into the future by more than a few months can be daunting, but if you are concerned about what your life will look like after you retire, asset protection is a necessary step that you need to…Read More

  4. How a Trust Can Protect Your Assets

    You’ve worked hard to earn everything you have, and you don’t want it to disappear because of a lawsuit, a creditor, a nursing home, or Medicaid. While it may seem like you don’t have many optio…Read More