What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is the term that is used to describe a specialized practice which deals with the unique issues facing our seasoned citizens

The most common issues that we see in the elder law portion of our practice are estate planning, asset protection, and qualifying for Medicaid benefits to pay for long term care costs.

There are other issues as well. 

            Do you have a Powers of Attorney? If so, should it be updated.  If not, then you need one, as soon as possible.

            Do you have a Health Care Proxy and Living Will?  Did you know that there is a difference between the two. 

            Do you come from a blended family?  Are there concerns about who will be in charge at your funeral.

            Are you worried about who gets your assets in the event of your child’s death?  Would you prefer your in-laws or your grandchildren? 

            Do you have a disabled heir?  Will they lose benefits if they inherit money from you?  Should you set up a Supplemental or Special Needs Trust for them. 

        Are you or a loved on in need of Nursing Home care?  Even if you are in n a Nursing Home or about to enter a Nursing Home, we can usually save a                         significant portion of your life’s savings and have Medicaid help pay for your care much sooner than most people realize.


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