Are you fearful that you, or someone you love, may lose everything to Nursing Home costs?

Our dedicated and caring team at Safe Harbor Wills & Trusts is here to help protect the assets of the individual entering care and to provide assistance for those still at home.

Even if you or a loved one are in a Nursing Home or about to enter a Nursing Home, we can usually save a significant portion of your life’s savings and have Medicaid help pay for your care much sooner than most people realize.

The Medicaid application process is burdensome.  It presents some significant challenges. We are experienced in expediting the process for as soon-as-possible results, making it easier on you and your loved ones. One call to Safe Harbor starts the process.

Our legal fees are 100% Medicaid deductible. In fact, they help you qualify for Medicaid sooner than you would otherwise become eligible without hiring us. You need not worry about attorney costs.

Every day you wait can cost you time and money. Call us at 315-451-4700 anytime, 24/7 to get started.